Bro: Chandula Abeywickrema


Bro: Chandula Abeywickrema

Welcome to the Covenant Faith Fellowship Sri Lanka

We are a Christian Fellowship in Sri Lanka who believes in the atonement and the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ for the redemption of his true church.

The Bible, the God’s true word is our absolute and we believe, as a Christian Fellowship of the five fold ministry recorded in the Ephesian, Chapter 4:11:13 with a responsibility of coming to stature and measure of Lord Jesus Christ.

We also strongly believe that we are in the final church age, which is the last and the 7th where mysteries in the revelations would be unfolded to the Bride of Christ (Revelation 10:7).

You are welcome to listen to our Sunday service messages and benefit from God anointed messages for the hour we are living in.

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Home What We Believe

1. Justification by faith (from the ‘original sin’)

2. Sanctification by holy and spirit led living.

3. Water Baptism by immersing in water in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins as commanded in Acts 2:38

4. Election and Predestination of the Seed of God.

5. Eternal Security of the Holy Spirit filled believer

6. One God (Revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ) and three manifestations of God.

7. Translation and Rapture of the saints.

8. Second Coming of Christ

9. Millennium reign of Christ

10. White throne judgement

11. Eternal age / No eternal hell

12. Exposition Seven Church Ages and the Revelation of the Seven Seals

13. The Ministry of Seven Thunders

14. We also believe in the ‘Shout’ Ministry of the Seventh Star Messenger.

15. “The voice of Arch Angel” through Ascensia Gifts as mentioned in Ephesians 4 :11-13.

16. “The Trump” ministry of the Seven Thunders as per (1 – Thessalonians 4:16)